• Bronchoscopic and Minimally Invasive Management of Lung Nodules

  • Minimally Invasive Lung Cancer Surgery

  • Management of complex esophageal disorders at Nashville Esophageal Center


  • Lung lobectomy, video-assisted

  • Lung segment resection, video-assisted

  • Esophageal surgery, video-assisted

  • Heller Myotomy surgery for achalasia, video-assisted
    Thymoma surgery, video-assisted

  • Surgical interventions for large lung cancers and esophageal cancers after chemotherapy and radiation

  • Advanced bronchoscopy (navigational bronchoscopy, stent and laser bronchoscopy)


  • Surgical interventions for mediastinal masses and tumors



Nashville Lung Surgery is proud to use the latest advancements in technology to better care for our patients. We are now using the latest da Vinci Xi Robotic system at Saint Thomas West Hospital, which lets us provide minimally-invasive surgical options. This technology allows for:

  • Less recovery time

  • Less pain and surgical trauma

  • High definition 3D visuals for a more precise surgery

With the da Vinci Xi robot, Nashville Lung Surgery is able to perform advanced thoracic robotic procedures, including:

  • Lung resections for lung cancer

  • Mediastinal and chest wall lesion removal

  • Foregut surgery, such as robotic laparoscopic hiatal hernia repairs and anti-reflux procedures

  • And more

As our Thoracic Robotics program continues, Nashville Lung Surgery will be performing esophagectomy with a total port access approach, to avoid the traditional open surgery.